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tv   Washington Week With Gwen Ifill  PBS  October 11, 2013 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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this is my breakfast. these are my friends. at least they used to be. this is where i live. this is my mom.
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and this is the worst part of my day. you see, lately, strange things have been happening to me, and they're only about to get stranger. woman: (over intercom) admin nurse to 401, admin nurse to 401. cara: okay, john. that car gets you into the psych center on the 12th floor. that's where the file is. (electronic beeping) code on 12. stand by. i'll check it out. great. you just tripped an alarm. the kid you've been talking to was here in this building today. so which way to the psych center? cara: hold on, john. that guard, he's headed your way. you gotta get out of there. there's an exit directly behind you. straight it is.
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(sighing) (electronic beeping) man: (on walkie-talkie) someone just accessed suite 112 with the missing key card. copy that. i'm outside the door. john: all right, i got his file. (electronic beeping)
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man: we're on his tail. (train whistle blowing)
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what were you thinking? we don't use our powers out in the open. i didn't have a choice. they were ultra agents. must have been following me. are you sure you lost them? yeah, cara, i'm pretty sure. i just hope your mystery patient was worth it. what do you think? stephen jameson. it can't be. woman: stephen? wake up. stephen jameson? it's nice to finally know your name.
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(screaming) oh, my god! man: what the... okay, okay, okay, i can explain, just... okay. you don't want to listen. what? what happened? guess where i found your creep son this time. i'm sorry. look, you know he has a sleeping disorder. well, how does the kid get through two deadbolts then lock the door behind him while sleepwalking? look. i catch him anywhere near my place again, i'm calling the cops. you won't have to. thank you for bringing him back. you slept with mrs. d'amico? it was an accident! dude, she is totally hot. hey, luca, upstairs! get ready for school. hey, hey, hey! (sighing) i don't even remember getting out of bed. okay? it won't happen again. yeah, i know i said that last time, but this is different. how? how's it going to be different? i don't know, okay? but i'll talk to dr. bloom. maybe there's something we haven't tried yet. we've been to half the specialists in the city. the other half won't even take our insurance and now dr. bloom's telling me that...
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it doesn't matter. i'm sorry, i shouldn't have... is that why you're taking the extra shifts? to pay for my shrink? honey, i can handle the extra shifts. but this? this is driving me... crazy? yeah. runs in the family. (sighing) luca: quit jerking it, we're going to be late. coming! see you after school. hey, just keep your head down. don't make eyes at anybody unless you want to get shivved. (laughing) by the way, thank you for ignoring all of my texts last night.
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sorry, i wasn't home. no? i woke up at my neighbor's place again. it's getting worse. not just the sleepwalking. what, she's back? the mysterious hottie in your head. yeah. well, are you taking your meds? yes! astrid, i'm taking my meds, but maybe i need something a little stronger like an ice pick lobotomy, or maybe i should just save everyone the trouble and check myself into the loony bin. okay. let me see your pills. why? i just want to check to see if being a raging dick is a side effect? okay, good one. come on. for a dominant gene to be expressed, the progeny, which we call the f1 generation, need only inherit the allele from... woman: steven? i know you can hear me. stephen: (in his head) no, no, no, you're a hallucination, you're not real, you're only in my head. woman: just because i'm only in your head doesn't mean i'm not real.
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stop shutting me out. you have to believe me, you're in danger... shut up! excuse me, mr. jameson? nothing. i'm sorry, i wasn't talking to you. who were you talking to? woman: you're not crazy. i've been trying to tell you that for a month. you know, uh, sorry, i'm not feeling well, gonna have to go to the nurse. (door slams) what's up, stevie? remember those pills you gave me last week? oh, the ones you stole? yeah, they were pretty sweet on top of a few adderall. that particular medication is an antipsychotic. no wonder you're fond of them. good luck with the crazy! good luck with the diarrhea. (faint laughter) (boy giggling)
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you made it disappear! don't believe everything you see. woman: wake up, stephen. i can prove you're not crazy. i can prove i'm real. how? meet me at the broad street subway station in 10 minutes. woman: get on the train. you gotta be kidding me.
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okay, okay, wait, wait, wait. where are we? who are you? you're in an abandoned subway station 100 feet below the streets of manhattan. you teleported here. actually, i teleported you. we're called tomorrow people, and we didn't choose the name, i swear.
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(laughing) this isn't happening. it's just another one of my crazy dreams. cara: it's not a dream, stephen. how did you do that? you've heard of telepathy? it's another one of our powers. the three t's. the third being telekinesis. he doesn't believe us. it's funny, the teleporting usually sells it. no offense, but any second, i'm going to wake up someplace awful. maybe another three-way at my neighbor's place. you don't understand, stephen. you're one of us. you're breaking out. you're waking up in weird places, stephen? you're not sleepwalking. you're teleporting. you hear cara's voice in your head, that's telepathy. your latent powers are starting to appear. soon, you'll be able to do this. okay, okay, okay! put me down! put me down! you got it. no, no, i'm having a psychotic break. my meds are off or something. no, no, no more pills. they're obviously addling your brain.
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what he means is the drugs are just going to get in your way. get in my way? you have no idea what my year has been like. stephen, i know exactly what it's been like. i know how alone you've felt, how scared. you feel like you're turning into a different person, like your mind isn't your own. all those hours on your therapist's couch? i was there with you, stephen. when we're connected, i feel what it's like to be you. that sounds, uh, awful. you think you're a freak. you're not. stephen, you're on the brink of becoming somebody truly extraordinary. john: don't let it go to your head. uh, how many of you are there?
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here, you're number 15. out there, could be hundreds, thousands. it's a genetic mutation that lies dormant through adolescence. sometimes it never breaks out. until then, people like you think they're just regular saps. homo sapiens. as in, human. uh, if i'm not human, what the hell am i? you, my friend, are a homo superior. we didn't pick that name either. i'm russell, and you're the one that cara can't stop talking about? cara: shut up, russell. where did you guys get all this stuff? you heard of the five finger discount? we get the no finger discount. hey, you want to learn how to be a telekinetic klepto, or do you want to learn how to stay alive? these are two of our newest breakouts. when they arrived, they were just like you, unable to control their powers.
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teleporting in your sleep is just the beginning. it's kind of like a paranormal dream. by the time we're done with your training, ultra won't be able to lay a hand on you. show off. who's ultra? the ones hunting us. there is a war going on out there, stephen. you won't read about it or see it on the news. a shadow war between our species. cara: the government's known about us for years. they want us neutralized. that's why they started a containment program. ultra. their agents are like us. captured, then forced to use their powers to hunt the rest of us down. have a seat. i can explain. i said sit. , you lost john, end of story. that's not why you're here.
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these two guys were fighting. but it was like they were trying to make themselves jump all over the place. this one guy just disappeared. poof! hmm. as you know, our program requires complete discretion. i'll take care of it. it's already taken care of. you know, your species is superior to ours in almost every way. i must seem primitive to you. instead of using my mind, i have to do things the old-fashioned way. you trying to read my mind? you know your powers don't work here. and you don't have to be telepathic to know what i'm going to do. good. okay. (cocks weapon) good. good, good, good. now pull the trigger. it's simple darwinism. survival of the fittest. you're the superior species, now prove it.
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i'm a threat to you, so kill me. do it. before i kill you. you know i will. (high-pitched screeching) (groans) remarkable. absolutely remarkable. your kind's inability to kill. (sighs) like all adaptations, mother nature's way of improving us, randomly mutating until the gene proves useful. i'm sure someday this particular gene will aid in the survival of your species. but for you personally, not so much. (gunshot) hey, what do you mean they want us neutralized? like, killed? the ones ultra has captured. we can't feel them, track them, communicate with them. it's why we need your help. to find someone. i guess you could call him our leader. he went looking for a place where we won't have to hide, a place that only we can reach. he never came back.
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okay, so ultra got him. it's impossible. he was the strongest of us all. listen to me, stephen. if you have inherited just a fraction of those powers... inherited? wait, are you telling me that my lunatic, deadbeat dad was like you? he was more than that. he was a hero. (scoffs) and we need you to help us find him. we believe that you and your father might share a connection like you and i do. i haven't even seen the man since i was eight years old. you're his son. if anyone can contact him, it's gonna be you. what if i don't want to find him? he bailed on us, okay? the same way he bailed on you. he left my mom and two little kids and a stack of bills from some psych hospital. stephen, he left so that you could have a life. so you'd be safe from ultra, so that you could grow up human. if it weren't for him, you'd be in a cage right now,
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getting your brain picked apart like a lab rat. i don't believe you. maybe you'll believe this. pull up his last message, tim. who are you talking to? who the hell is tim? tim: i am a computer. russell: a.i. program. he's kind of like our hal. just... not evil. jack: hello, stephen. if things turn out the way that i hope, you'll never see this. if you are seeing it, let me start by saying i'm sorry. turn it off. i said turn it off! (machine powering down) i don't need an apology from him. okay? it's a little late. i am nothing like my father. i'm sorry, but you got the wrong guy.
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so, uh... i have to get out of here. i have to get out of here, so... please. get me out of here. take my hand, stephen. sit done. . go. done. the juicy dragon... they show funny videos to a giggly dragon. he laughs so hard that he cries super-juicy tears and they put 'em into starburst.
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uh... what are you doing? nothing, what? brushing my teeth. okay. hey, hey. hey, lurker. i need to tell you something, okay. something really big. so just promise, you'll be cool. stephen: i know it sounds crazy. what? that you're some kind of superhero with powers? not crazy at all. it makes sense, they said it's some genetic mutation that i inherited from my dad. you're off your meds, aren't you? no... astrid! i don't need drugs! okay? they're the reason i'm so screwed up. they're keeping me from who i really am. fine. you don't believe me? watch this, okay?
8:28 pm
i can make the basketball fly with my mind. stephen: (muttering) aw, come on. come on! okay. okay, um... stephen... stephen, listen to me. you need to talk to your shrink. first the voices, now the paranoia. wasn't your dad a schizophrenic? (sighs) you think i'm crazy. i didn't say that. no, no. i'm telling you, there's a reason for everything that i've been through, okay? every unexplained symptom, every misdiagnosis, and you're taking their side? no, i'm not. you want me to be crazy, is that it? listen, i stuck by you, and your whole year of crazy, because i care about you. and just so you know, everybody didn't leave.
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you pushed them away. which is exactly what you're doing to me. what kind of pills you give me? some kind of colon blow? (laughs) oh, you think this is funny? no. well... (grunts) okay, okay. okay, okay. (grunts) just... shut your mouth, you little bitch! (grunts) how did you... (choking) (high-pitched screeching) (gasping) agent: we have some leads on the file john stole. there are over 300 names.


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